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"Who’s flat now?"

whos flat now


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                                           Get L’Wren To 1k

This woman’s name is L’Wren Scott. Although she appears happy in this gif, she lost her battle with depression on March 17th of 2014. L’Wren was a model turned stylist turned fashion designer. L’Wren’s fashion line; simply called ‘L’Wren Scott’, was one of the most popular amongst the rich and famous. People like Madeleine Stowe and Kim Kardashian have at one point been photographed wearing her designs. She has also been very well known among Rollingstone fans as the long time girlfriend of Mick Jagger.

She was found March 17th at 10:00 a.m. hanging by a black silk scarf that had been tied to a doorknob. L’Wren led a life that was seemingly perfect, but she still struggled with depression. As someone who has struggled with similar things, I have taken this issue very seriously, and ever since she has passed away I have been trying to honor her in the best ways possible. She has been someone that I have looked up to ever since she launched her fashion line.  

I know that not many people know about L’Wren simply because she was a fashion designer and wasn’t in the public eye as much as other celebrities. But I want to get this post to 1k. People need to know about L’Wren and her story. If you see this on your dash all I’m asking is that you reblog it… give L’Wren a google… watch one of her fashion shows… get L’Wren to 1k.

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